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Wildlife Management Valuation: Start Here

Wildlife Management Valuation:  Start Here

Texas land is a hot commodity so, not surprisingly, we’ve spoken with lots of new landowners recently. One of the biggest concerns expressed is maintaining the property’s wildlife management valuation. For many Texas landowners, a wildlife management valuation doesn’t just provide substantial tax savings, it also helps sustain the land for wildlife and for future generations. But, as landowner, how will you continue to be approved for wildlife management valuation? How can you ensure you don’t lose those benefits?

In short, to maintain a property’s favorable tax valuation, and to continue enjoying these benefits, you MUST file with the appraisal district.

And Landmark Wildlife is here to help.

It starts with a walk
The Landmark Wildlife management plan process starts with a property visit to walk your land, learn its history, and discuss your goals. That walk helps ensure our clients are managing their land to meet the strict wildlife management guidelines that Texas law requires.

Landmark services range from lending a hand with creating and filing a customized wildlife plan for your land to complete turn-key management. Our biologists-drafted wildlife management plans, designed to help you enrich your property and protect wildlife, include:

  • Detailed habitat and property descriptions
  • Instructions for implementing wildlife management activities
  • Aerial, topographic, and soils maps

Certified help
Because Landmark has property tax consultant certification, we can legally represent you and your property to the appraisal district. When we file your wildlife management plan, we act as your agent to the appraisal district. We have built relationships with the appraisal districts and we follow up with them to make sure your plan and application are approved – saving you time and potential frustration.

Your partner in protecting your land
Landmark’s services do not end with filing your plan, for our clients who need additional assistance, we offer a range of services to not only make sure you don’t lose your exemption, but to also help you protect and enhance your land for future generations. Our services include:

And, of course, much more.

Satisfaction guaranteed
Landmark offers a money-back guarantee on all wildlife management plans and a satisfaction guarantee on all services.

We are ready to take that first step with you today. Call us at (512) 906-9491 for more information on how we can help you maintain your wildlife management valuation and improve your land – for today and for future generations.

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