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Property Tax Consultation

Wildlife Application Process: Hire A Senior Property Tax Consultant

Registered Property Tax Consultant | Austin, TexasLandmark’s most common form of property tax consultation is representing landowners during the wildlife application process. Our Senior Property Tax Consultant certification allows us to serve as your direct interface with the appraisal district. We offer this service for your convenience and to ensure that your interests are represented by a professional.

In rare cases, landowners are denied their ag or wildlife exemptions. This can happen for several reasons including failure to properly apply for the special valuation (most often for landowners who draft their own plans) or not responding to appraisal district requests for information. Landmark Wildlife can help you work through these issues by working cooperatively with the appraisal district to reach favorable outcomes. Often, denials of ag or wildlife can be handled informally. If they can’t, Landmark Wildlife represents landowners at Appraisal Review Board (ARB) hearings.

In addition to tax protest representation, Landmark Wildlife represents landowners during on-site inspections. This service is particularly valuable for landowners who lack schedule flexibility or simply prefer to have a wildlife biologist and property tax consultant present when the appraisal district is reviewing their property tax status.