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Landmark Wildlife Management is a Texas-based wildlife management company dedicated to helping landowners reach their land and wildlife management goals. We offer a one-stop-shop for wildlife exemption plans and filing, wildlife exemption services and plan maintenance, deer management, and ranch construction. Our accomplishments include over 500 successful agriculture to wildlife exemption property conversions and conducting wildlife practices on over 700 properties. Landmark is the only Texas wildlife company that offers a money-back guarantee on wildlife plans and has the certification to legally represent you and your property to appraisal districts.

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Water Gone Wild: The Style and Function of Supplemental Water for Wildlife

Texas Wildlife News, Wildlife Exemptions, Wildlife Management Services

As we write this month’s blog, the clouds threaten rain and the burn ban has long been lifted. Trees are budding, wildflowers are on the cusp on blooming, and...


Snake, Rattle, and Hole: Rattlesnake Denning

Texas Wildlife News

When the weather turns brisk and chilly during winter, who among us doesn’t like the snug warmth and comfort of our dens? Rattlesnakes are no exception. But r...