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Wildlife Watering Station – Water Guzzler

The Landmark Wildlife Watering Station

Attract and provide water for wildlife while performing a qualifying activity for your Texas wildlife exemption program

Landmark Wildlife Management Wildlife Watering Station

Landmark Wildlife Management’s Wildlife Watering Station. Click for larger image.

Landmark Wildlife Management has landed on what we believe is the best product on the market to make water available for wildlife, especially in remote parts of your property. Our Wildlife Watering Station is a great way to attract wildlife. Providing supplemental water is also a qualifying activity for the Texas wildlife exemption program.

With its gleaming steel exterior and inverted cone top, Landmark’s Wildlife Watering Station not only looks unique in its design, it’s also unique in its durability, water safety, and water collection efficiency.

Wildlife Watering Station Features:

  • Collects approximately 750 gallons of rainwater in a normal year plus condensation
  • Features a 250 gallon tank that is 2’9” tall and 4’ in diameter with an inverted top that is 7’ in diameter
  • Made of tough galvanized steel to withstand the elements
  • FDA-approved barrier between the steel and water for potable water safe for wildlife and humans
  • Vapor barrier between tank and ground for longer life
  • Collects condensation on warm, humid mornings for maximum water collection efficiency
  • Water is made readily available for wildlife through a ground-level water pan with float valve
  • No construction required – easy to set-up and easy to move to other parts of your property

Price: $1,195 (does not include delivery). And the best place for your game camera? By your Landmark Wildlife Watering Station!