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Wildlife Surveys

Wildlife Surveys

Our wildlife surveys are some of the most fun and interesting wildlife practices as you learn more about the wild inhabitants of your property

ATFL2 (2)Bird Surveys
Thanks to our location in the center of the continent, Texas boasts more kinds of birds found here than in any other state. For landowners managing songbirds, Landmark’s semi-annual (spring and winter) or annual (spring) bird surveys are a popular tool to monitor changes in abundance and diversity of your land’s bird populations. As most birds are first observed audibly, not visually, bird song recognition is essential for this wildlife practice.

Breeding Bird Survey
Our Breeding Bird or Spring Bird Surveys are typically conducted between April 1 and June 15, during the peak of the breeding season. During these surveys, landowners commonly get excellent views of our most colorful songbirds including Painted Buntings and Summer Tanagers. A Breeding Bird Survey is also a great opportunity to discuss wildflowers as they are most abundant in spring. While Breeding Bird Surveys are offered as a standalone services, when paired with a Wintering Bird Survey, both can offer particularly interesting insight into the abundance and diversity of your land’s bird populations.

Wintering Bird Survey
Typically conducted between December 1 and February 28, Landmark’s Wintering Bird Survey helps identify those birds that make Texas their home during the winter months, as well as those that stake claim here year-round. A Wintering Bird Survey also offers you and your wildlife biologist an opportunity to view your land and its features while it’s more exposed.

Deer Surveys
Landmark Wildlife offers both spotlight and remote camera surveys as well as completing and filing Managed Land Deer Permit (MLDP) applications. As part of the MLDP application, we handle paperwork with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Spotlight Deer Survey
Spotlight surveys, conducted roughly one hour after sunset, involve the use of a vehicle with powerful lights to count deer along a predetermined path. Area covered during the survey is used along with the total number of deer seen to estimate deer density.

Remote Camera Deer Survey
Deer Surveys“Deer cameras” have become a powerful tool to survey deer populations, particularly on habitats too dense or too small to conduct more traditional spotlight surveys. Cameras are run for a set period (10-14 days) and each photo is analyzed. The number of bucks is identified and estimates of does and fawns are determined from buck:doe and buck:fawn ratios from all photos taken within the survey period. In the report produced from this survey, landowners will receive a photographic buck inventory of different bucks living on their property.

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