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Visits and Check Ups

Biologist Consulting Visit

For landowners who are on the fence about switching to wildlife or have land in ag and plan on staying, a Biologist Consulting Visit is a great way to learn about your property and appropriate wildlife management practices. What types of wildlife are utilizing your property? How can your habitats be modified to benefit wildlife? During Biologist Consulting Visits, we’ll send a masters-level biologist to your property do discuss relevant wildlife practices such as food plots, brush management, reseeding, and adding supplemental water sources. Trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and grasses will be identified and their importance to wildlife reviewed. For landowners subsequently choosing to have Landmark develop a wildlife exemption plan, the price of the Biologist Consulting Visit will be credited towards your wildlife management plan. This is a low risk option of learning about your property and determining if wildlife appraisal fits your property goals. It’s also a treat to learn more about the specific plants, animals, and habitats occurring on your land.

Wildlife Exemption Check-ups

Wildlife Exemption Check-Ups are an ideal choice for landowners who already have a wildlife exemption and want to make sure their wildlife management plan is on track.  One of our masters-level biologists will visit your property and review your wildlife practices to make sure that you are compliant with state guidelines. We will discuss levels of intensity for each wildlife practice, proper ways to document activities, and offer new ideas for wildlife practices. For DIY landowners, our Wildlife Exemption Check-ups are an excellent way to receive advice and expertise needed to keep your land and wildlife exemption in a healthy state.