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Service Agreements

Texas Wildlife Service Agreements

So now your wildlife exemption plan has been approved and your property is under wildlife valuation.  Congratulations!  For many landowners, this represents an important motivation to further enhance their land and wildlife populations with brush management, installing water features, conducting native and wildflower reseeding, and conducting wildlife surveys.

While many Landmark clients have the ability and time to conduct wildlife practices themselves, many do not.  For these landowners, Landmark Wildlife provides Wildlife Service Agreements to ensure your wildlife practices are taken care of each year.  Our wildlife biologists and technicians implement components of your wildlife management plan efficiently, effectively, and in a wildlife-friendly manner. All wildlife practices are thoroughly documented with photographs, log sheets, and maps.  These practices are customized to your property and unique circumstances. Annual Reports are created which summarize yearly wildlife activities. If your appraisal district requests a Site Inspection, Landmark Wildlife will be on hand to ensure it goes smoothly.

Wildlife Service Agreement’s are one way that we can help improve the quality of your land while providing you peace of mind from knowing that your wildlife practices are being completed in a professional manner.