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Annual Reports

Wildlife Exemption Annual Reports: An Essential Aspect of Any Wildlife Management Program

One extremely important report for wildlife exemption properties is an Annual Report. Its purpose is to document all wildlife activities performed that calendar year. Many appraisal districts require submittal of Annual Reports to justify granting wildlife exemptions. In addition, appraisal districts have the legal right to request wildlife exemption Annual Reports for the previous five years. This means that a landowner exposes themselves to needless risk each year an Annual Report is not generated.

Typically, this report documents which wildlife activities were conducted, the extent of the practices, and where they were performed. A well drafted Annual Report should include photos, receipts, maps, work diaries, and/or field log sheets. A narrative component can be included detailing overall objectives, unique events occurring that year, and plans for the future.

Given the tax implications of having a well written Annual Report and the time commitment involved in creating one, many landowners turn to Landmark. We can help you save time and reduce rick by developing a thorough and professional wildlife exemption Annual Report for your property.