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About Us

About Us

Texas Wildlife Management

Landmark Wildlife Management LLC is a biologist-owned and operated company whose mission is to provide Texas landowners with land and wildlife management expertise and services designed to enhance the wildlife, recreational, watershed, economic, and enjoyment values of their most cherished asset – their land. The Landmark team of biologists and field technicians recognizes the importance of acquiring and retaining wildlife tax valuations in allowing landowners to meet their property goals.

Landmark Wildlife’s Values

Access to a Personal Biologist

We believe that all landowners should have direct contact with their wildlife biologist who knows their land and property goals. Clients should feel free to contact their biologist with any wildlife management question.

Science-based Recommendations

We offer advice based on extensive ecology & wildlife management research including the most recent findings. One of our most essential roles is to make this knowledge available to landowners in a useful, meaningful way. As such, we only utilize wildlife biologist with a Masters degree.

Respect for Privacy

We will never disclose information about landowner properties to any individuals, companies, or governmental entities. All findings and discussions are strictly between you and your biologist.

Client Service

All landowner inquiries will be answered promptly.  Work product will be completed on or before stated deadlines.

Native Wildlife Focus

While exotics have greatly increased in abundance over the last few decades and many landowners have a strong interest in them, Landmark Wildlife’s priority will always be towards Texas’ native game and non-game animals.

Landowner Choice

Landmark Wildlife recognizes the right of landowners to manage their properties in a way that suits them. While we will readily offer our professional wildlife management expertise, ultimate decisions are always in the hands of landowners.

Support of Texas Agriculture

We understand that wildlife management is not for everyone and that Texas would be worse off without ranching and farming. Food production provided by Texas’ agriculture sector is essential to our economy, health, and well-being.

Strong Relationships with Appraisal Districts

Our approach to wildlife exemption services relies on positive, long-lasting relationships with those who administer wildlife exemption statutes. To be the strongest landowner advocates and to meet state laws, Landmark Wildlife has Senior Property Tax Consultant certification.